Snake, Binned? Dodge Viper Could Bow Out in 2017

Could the iconic, but slow-selling, Dodge Viper be headed for its final off-ramp? That’s the implication buried in the proposed FCA/UAW contract, which has the boisterous muscle car’s Detroit assembly plant shutting down in 2017.



The news about the Conner Avenue facility, where the Viper is largely hand-built, comes from the obsessive Mopar watchers at Allpar. Conner Avenue has been the home of the Viper since its launch in 1992 and also built the Plymouth Prowler.

The Viper went away once before, in 2010, only to return for 2013. Not long after, however, in the fall of 2013, Chrysler was already having to slow production; the company halted production for two months the following spring, to let demand catch up with supply. Then came a $15,000 MSRP haircut, which dropped the base price of the 2015 car from just over $100,000 to closer to $85,000.



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