Sharing the Knowledge: Our Advice to Teen Drivers

Although it’s statistically suspect, a majority of people think they’re better-than-average drivers. Here at Car and Driver, we’re not immune to that opinion. Now, the good folks at Michelin have decided to put our collective sense of driving expertise to good use: As part of National Teen Driver Safety Week, they’re asking everyone to share their best advice and driving tips. Naturally, there’s a hashtag—#SharingSafety—that takes driver training out of the classroom and into the Twitter feed. Doing our part, the C/D editors offer our own driving tips below.



“Keep your eyes up and look as far as possible down the road ahead. Let your peripheral vision do the rest of the work. You’ll see traffic events unfolding well before other drivers do, allowing you more time to react to potentially dangerous situations without panicking or upsetting the car. And put down the damn phone!” —Eddie Alterman, editor-in-chief

“Turn on your headlights if it’s at least partially dark (like early morning) or raining outside, because even if you can see perfectly fine, it’s about being able to be seen by other drivers.” —Jennifer Harrington, copy editor

“You can’t multitask nearly as well as you think you can. It’ll be years before you can actually carry on a conversation in person and properly focus on driving. And you can forget about talking on the phone or texting, ever. Take this responsibility seriously. It kills more of your peers than anything else—and those kids aren’t statistics; they’re your friends and classmates. I knew two, and was supposed to be in the car with one of them.” —Jared Gall, senior editor

“Make every trip, every corner, a learning experience. Try to get the perfect steering angle in every corner, and take the proper line on every freeway exit. This doesn’t mean take them at racing speeds, of course, but it will teach you how to put your car where you want it to be.” —Jens Meiners, Germany bureau




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