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Renault Le Car

The Renault Le Car or the Renault 5 has quite the history story behind it. After 2 generations of production, 1972-1985 and 1984-1996, there is a long and diverse history with this car.

The Renault Le Car as achieved cult status amongst automobile enthusiast. The hatchback design and subcompact frame made the Le Car extremely popular, especially during the fuel crisis in the 1970s. French Automakers are known for their quality and sophistication and the Le Car is no different, delivering a small but powerful package, the Le Car was nothing like the smaller cars produced in America at the time. Remaining a popular best seller until the production of more modern, subcompact cars. The Renault Le Car will go down history as one of the first cars of its kind.

Renault Le Car Specs: The Le Car boasts a small but capable 51hp engine, which can keep up with even the fastest traffic on the highway. The lightweight Le Car weighs in at 2,100lbs and achieved an average of 51 miles per gallon!! Thats more than some of the most fuel-efficient cars on the market today.

Renault Le Car Price: The Renault Le Car isnt currently in production but you can usually find one for sale every so often, ranging in price from $1,300 to $3000. If youre into fuel efficient classics or a great side project, start looking for a Renault Le Car.

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Renault Le Car Specs and Mods

Engine Power Mileage graduation year
1.3 MT (64 HP) 1289cc 64 no data 1987 - 2000

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