Acura Repairing Ludacris’ Damaged ’93 Legend, Because He Drives a ’93 Legend

Pore over the song titles on rapper Ludacris’s 2015 album, Ludaversal, and some themes emerge that are seemingly tailored to modern-day Acura. “Grass is Always Greener” could describe Acura’s abandonment of storied nameplates like Legend and Integra for alphanumerics; “Not Long” could refer to its belief that a seat in the full-luxury pantheon is just around the corner; and “Beast Mode” could be a nod to the upcoming NSX supercar. In reality, the album’s sepia-toned cover art, which depicts the rapper’s 1993 Acura Legend sedan parked beside a private jet, is the only connection to Acura. Yes, Ludacris owns a Legend—and it was recently in an accident, so Acura is going to fix up the car and bring it to this November’s SEMA show.



It seems Ludacris is among that rare subset of celebrities who keep old cars around even after they’ve made enough money to buy literally anything else. (And the even rarer niche of those who have had their old car restored by its original maker.) We don’t doubt that Ludacris owns other cars, but keeping a ’93 Acura Legend? That’s keeping it real. Proving that he—or someone—still drives the thing is the recent (and unfortunate) incident that left the Legend with a badly damaged rear door and quarter panel.

The car will undergo repairs at the Acura Design studio in L.A., and a few modern embellishments will be added by Acura’s global creative director, Dave Marek. (The process can be followed on social media, via the hashtag “LegendaryDuo.”) There’s no indication of what, precisely, Acura plans to add to the now-22-year-old sedan, but as Marek puts it, “We wanted to put our own stamp on the Legend while retaining the essence of the original that Ludacris has worked so hard to maintain over the years.”



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October 20, 2015

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